Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

As a freight forwarder, it would make your life easier if your clients could share with you electronic purchase orders. I am sure the big ones do already, but all the smaller ones that do not have the technology in place.

If they did, they would get the benefits of your end to end supply chain visibility platform, and you would have months of notice to help with forecasting and planning shipments, full or part loaded.

We have an app which can be deployed quickly and easily to any importer or exporter that you are working with. This can be fully branded in your forwarding companies theme, and you can provide them with an amazing piece of software that helps everyone in the Supply Chain.

The app presents itself as an eCommerce app, items can be uploaded and viewed. The difference is in the back end. Suppliers, rates and product customisations can be setup. And once the order is created, a PDF (and/or XML) can be sent directly to the factory, and an XML (and/or PDF) cann be sent directly to you, the forwarder. Once that is done, the customer will use your visibility tool.

We can even give you a snippet of code to embed into your existing solution! Highly useful, fractional cost of ownership, turn any freight client into a supply chain one. Doesn't matter if you use CargoWise, Azyra, Forward Office, Box Top, Descartes or work with a Digital Forwarder. We can quickly and easily integrate with us once, and onboard as many clients as you need to.

Still not convinced of the benefits? 

Automation and Efficiency: Using XML to send POs allows for automated data transfer between your systems and those of your freight forwarder and factories. This automation streamlines the entire order management process, reducing the need for manual data entry, which can save time and minimize errors.

Real-time Visibility: By sending XML POs, you and your partners can have real-time visibility into order status. This ensures that everyone involved in the supply chain has access to the most up-to-date information regarding order confirmations, shipments, and delivery dates.

Faster Order Processing: XML-based POs enable quicker processing and confirmation by your factories and freight forwarder. This, in turn, accelerates the entire order-to-delivery cycle, reducing lead times and improving your ability to respond to market demands.

Improved Accuracy: XML-based data exchange is highly accurate, reducing the risk of data entry errors that can occur when manually inputting information. This can help prevent costly mistakes and misunderstandings in the order process.

Cost Savings: Increased automation and accuracy can result in cost savings. Fewer errors mean fewer disputes or reshipments, and faster order processing can reduce the need for expedited shipping methods.

Enhanced Collaboration: XML-based communication fosters closer collaboration between your business, the freight forwarder, and your factories. Everyone is working from the same data, which promotes better communication and coordination.

Customization and Standardization: XML allows for customization of data fields and can accommodate specific requirements of your business, the freight forwarder, and the factories. At the same time, it provides a standardized format for data exchange, ensuring compatibility between systems.

Supply Chain Visibility: Improved data exchange through XML facilitates end-to-end supply chain visibility. You can track your orders from the moment they are placed until they reach your warehouse, helping you make informed decisions and respond to any delays or issues proactively.

Streamlined Documentation: Many documents related to importing and shipping, such as bills of lading and customs documentation, can be generated from the same XML data, further streamlining the process and reducing administrative work.

Compliance and Regulations: Sending XML POs can help ensure compliance with customs and trade regulations, as the data can be structured to meet specific compliance requirements, reducing the risk of delays or penalties.

Data Security: XML allows for secure data transmission, which is crucial when handling sensitive purchase order information. You can implement encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect your data.

Competitive Advantage: Leveraging technology and automation to improve your supply chain processes can give you a competitive edge, even as a small importer, by enabling you to operate more efficiently and respond to market demands more effectively

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