Freight Technology Consulting

Freight Technology Consulting

Freight Technology Consulting

As a freight technology business, we have a deep understanding of freight, logistics and supply chain. We can help ensure that your technology strategy underpins your business strategy. 

If you have a particular problem that falls under this domain, we can assist you. We frequently work with companies helping them to improve sales, generate business and reduce the cost of service.

Some of the projects we have been involved with include:

Assessment and Analysis: Freight technology consultants begin by assessing the current state of a company's logistics and supply chain operations. They analyse existing processes, systems, and technology infrastructure to identify areas where improvements can be made.

Technology Selection: Consultants help businesses identify and select the most suitable technology solutions, such as transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), route optimisation software, and tracking and visibility tools. They consider factors like budget, specific industry requirements, and the company's unique needs.

Customisation and Integration: Freight technology consultants assist in customising and integrating selected technology solutions into existing systems. They ensure that these technologies work seamlessly together, optimising data exchange and minimizing disruptions during implementation.

Vendor Evaluation: Consultants can help evaluate technology vendors and solutions, considering factors like the vendor's reputation, customer support, and scalability of their products. They may assist in negotiating contracts and pricing.

Process Improvement: Consultants work with businesses to redesign or refine their logistics and supply chain processes, leveraging technology to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence: Freight technology consulting often involves helping companies leverage data analytics and business intelligence tools to gain valuable insights into their operations. Consultants assist in implementing data-driven decision-making processes.

Visibility and Tracking: Enhancing real-time visibility is a crucial aspect of freight technology consulting. Consultants help businesses implement tracking and monitoring solutions to provide real-time information on shipments, orders, and inventory.

Compliance and Regulations: The consultants ensure that companies remain compliant with transportation and trade regulations. They help implement technology solutions that can assist in customs documentation, compliance reporting, and audit trails.

Security and Risk Mitigation: Consultants address security concerns by helping companies implement data security measures, disaster recovery plans, and risk mitigation strategies. This is especially important when handling sensitive cargo or information.

Training and Change Management: Freight technology consultants often assist in training employees to effectively use new technology solutions. They also help with change management, ensuring a smooth transition from old processes to new ones.

Continuous Improvement: The consulting process typically involves an ongoing relationship with the client, with a focus on continuous improvement. Consultants regularly assess the performance of implemented technology solutions and recommend updates or changes as needed.

Cost Reduction: Reducing operational costs is a primary objective of freight technology consulting. By optimizing processes, implementing automation, and enhancing visibility, consultants aim to help companies save on logistics expenses.

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