What would your freight company's app look like?

What would your freight company's app look like?

What would your freight company's app look like?

Does your freight company have an app? If so, what does it do?

Hopefully it is adding value to your business and proving itself as a means to connect with clients.

After working on many visibility platforms for a variety of forwarders over the years, the subject of mobile apps always comes up.

Some CEO’s want to port their track and trace system onto the app. Some insist that different functionality altogether should be on the app and not even attempt to replicate any kind of visibility system.

The CEO’s that are right are those that want to be able to leverage the technology that an app can offer on a B2B2C basis, by providing 24×7 customer support to their clients, after all our importers and exporters don’t stop working at 5.30 like freight companies do.

We are not talking about leaving a message at 19:27 just before Coronation Street starts and waiting until the next day for a response, no. Being able to provide them with instantaneous feedback, in real time, the status of their shipment, the invoice value, the entry status or whatever question they would like answered. Understanding they don’t want to get grief from their partners whilst they tip tap away on their laptops whilst they are trying to get up to speed with the latest happenings at the Rovers Return.

What would you have your app do?

Maybe you would provide a means to answer all of these questions. Perhaps you would offer some tools, such as the ability to book a delivery, or approve a shipment booking. Maybe a landed cost calculator? Perhaps some other bespoke tools. Perhaps you want to facilitate feedback from your clients and get a temperature check on what’s going well and what’s not going so well. Perhaps you would like to leverage notifications to target them with direct marketing, just like your retail clients do with their customers. Maybe, you just want to have an app to have a presence on the app store where your clients can view your latest news feed.

Maybe you have other ideas, we would love to hear them.

The Levitate Supply Chain App has been designed to be easy to brand, and host on the Apple and Play stores, to enable AI lead conversations between your clients and your data, with a personality type of your choice. It will also provide you with the smooth transition from bot to human operator if it gets stuck and also an interface for the operator to work from.

Maybe you have more and better ideas on how you can service your clients quickly and easily through the Levitate App. You are literally limited by your own data set. It will be your tech teams who set up questions most frequently asked questions of your operators. Of course, we are always n hand to set this up for you or address anything particularly complex.

Why not get in touch and understand how Levitate can help you improve your customers experience whilst also reducing your cost to serve?

Love to learn more about this..! 

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