Get feedback on your freight service

Get feedback on your freight service

Get feedback on your freight service

I am sure as an owner of a freight or supply chain company, client feedback is very important. You want to understand how your customer feels, learn about their experience as your customer, and no doubt get feedback on your account managers and all of your external partners.

Most freight companies solicit feedback on an annual or bi-annual basis, and if their experience is terrible, they may not be around to participate. 

Your team might be delivering an A1 service, but there will always be the opportunity for something to go wrong, especially when you are managing dozens of other parties.

What if you could get feedback, aggregated as and when the client feels the need to say something, maybe you can send a request for feedback as soon as goods land. You will probably get more positive feedback on a regular basis, rather than bad feedback when something occasionally goes wrong. Maybe you want to share a Net Promotor Score. Perhaps as a mechanism to identify training needs, or reward your teams.

The Levitate app can be completely customised to your business and used as a means to communicate via operating system level notifications directly into your customers hands. It can also be used to solicit feedback on certain important, or all shipments. It will give your client the ability to submit feedback as and when they feel they need to.

You and/or your team can receive real feedback in real time and decide on how to act upon it.

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