Elevating Customer Services

Elevating Customer Services

Elevating Customer Services

We speak to many freight and supply chain companies about client feedback, specifically how they obtain it and then how they act on it. You may, or may not be surprised that unless they get a complaint about something specific, they don’t do an awful lot about it. Sometimes freight companies send out an annual or even better a bi-annual client feedback survey to their client base. Where you will either get exceptionally good or exceptionally bad feedback. Usually the latter, if your clients engage at all.

The challenge remains though how you can get feedback that you can deal with on the hop, both good or bad. How many freight companies can provide a Net Promotor Score, can yours? Do you need to? Who knows, but by collecting the feedback has to be the most important objective. Whether you choose to share this is down you and your marketeers.

The Levitate app can help you achieve feedback on every shipment or every order. If you want it! We can link any time of feedback required on the process and feed this directly back into the Levitate dashboard where you can act on it and ultimately archive it.

Of course, if your client is using your own version of the Levitate app, they should be able to give you great feedback if you programme it correctly! And even if your customer services agents intervene on the conversation, you should be able to react and solicit even better feedback.

Here at Levitate, we want to help your freight company reduce the cost of doing business and help you improve client experience.

Finally, freight is in the 21st century!

Please contact us for more information on how you can reduce the cost to serve, improve your clients experience, get an app for your freight company that is super relevant and help shape the next generation of digital freight!

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