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Wicket, the cheeky Jackawawa, has earned a special place in the hearts of the team at TTM. 

While the workplace may be filled with high-stress situations and demanding meetings, Wicket is the unexpected source of emotional support that has brought a breath of fresh air into the corporate environment.

With his tiny stature and boundless energy, Wicket is a furry bundle of joy that has an uncanny knack for brightening the mood during intense business calls. He's known for sneaking into Zoom meetings, poking his head into video conferences, or even letting out an occasional bark of agreement at the most unexpected moments. 

His antics are met with laughter, even during the most serious of discussions, serving as a delightful reminder that there's more to life than the daily grind.

Wicket's presence on these calls offers a unique form of emotional support. In the midst of deadlines and bottom lines, his wagging tail and infectious enthusiasm become a symbol of workplace camaraderie. Employees find solace in the fact that, no matter how tough the day might be, a quick cuddle with Wicket or a playful game of fetch during a break can help them recharge and refocus. 

This unexpected office mascot has proven that sometimes, a bit of cheeky charm and canine companionship are just what's needed to keep the business world turning with a smile.

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