Waleed Shihada

BI Consultant

Waleed, an infectious and enthusiastic BI Consultant with extensive experience in the freight sector, is a dynamic force in the world of data analytics and business intelligence. His journey in the realm of logistics and freight data analysis began more than a decade ago, and since then, he has become a pivotal figure in this industry, transforming raw data into valuable insights with infectious enthusiasm.

Waleed's passion for data-driven decision-making is truly contagious. He understands that the freight sector is inherently complex, with vast amounts of data flowing through supply chains, warehouses, and transportation networks. Waleed approaches this complexity with unwavering zeal, and he has a knack for simplifying intricate data sets, making them accessible and actionable for his clients. His ability to convey the power of business intelligence is like a spark that ignites the enthusiasm of his colleagues and clients alike.

As a BI Consultant specializing in the freight sector, Waleed is a master at helping organizations uncover hidden patterns and efficiencies within their operations. His deep industry knowledge and technical proficiency enable him to develop customized BI solutions that optimize supply chains, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making processes. Waleed's energy and passion are not only focused on data but also on fostering collaboration and innovation within the teams he works with. His infectious enthusiasm motivates his colleagues to embrace the potential of data analysis, driving improvements across the entire freight ecosystem.

Waleed's impact on the freight sector is felt not only within individual organizations but throughout the industry at large. He is a frequent speaker at logistics conferences and a contributor to industry publications, sharing his insights and experiences with a wider audience. His role extends beyond consultancy; he is a mentor to emerging professionals in the field, helping to shape the future of freight technology. Waleed's infectious enthusiasm, coupled with his deep knowledge and experience, makes him an indispensable asset in the ever-evolving world of freight analytics and business intelligence.

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